Sai Baba is intimately connected to the Chavdi, which in Marathi means the "village office." During the last decade of his life, the revered saint used to sleep here on alternate nights. In the temple structure Chavadi has a place of prominence, because it is here that the formal worship of Sai Baba began.

A large portrait of Baba adorns a wall inside the Chavdi. On the painting’s left side is a plain, wooden bed, which resembles the one kept at Shirdi. It was on this bed that Baba was given his last bath after he had left the earthly sphere in Dwarkamai. On each Thursday, the bed is taken out and is replaced with a palanquin. Next to the bed in the same corner is a wheelchair which was presented to Baba when he was suffering from asthma.

Women were not allowed in this section and this tradition is maintained today. Only men and children are allowed in this area. Chavdi is open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.